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Safe Streets
Safe Streets

The Strong Towns #slowthecars campaign is about the need to recognize that we can make our streets safer—and more productive—by slowing down traffic and focusing on the place. We need to build efficient roads (connections between productive places) and productive streets (platforms for wealth creation) and eliminate stroads (street/road hybrid, the futon of transportation).

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Street Trees!

A Resident Helps with the Planting

Our block in Cabbagetown, Atlanta has become an important North/South thoroughfare for cars. We're seeing more volume -- and more speeding cars -- at the same time as our neighborhood welcomes more pedestrians, including... (More)

Jessica Cresanti-Daknis
Historic Preservationist, Designer, Sustainability

Hi Erik! I am in Seattle, too but in the downtown metro area. When I worked in Brooklyn, NY we used a strategy called contextual zoning in the historic districts. This shifted the focus of the neighborhood and diverted traffic... (More)

Aiming for Imperfection

When we aim for perfection, imperfections will disturb us. But, when we aim for imperfection, other imperfections build character.

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Paul CorderStrong Towns Member
City of Lebanon, TN Planning Director

Getting connected streets is one of the hardest things for a city planner to do. Use block length and block perimeter requirements to give your city's code the teeth it needs. Block perimeter requirements are really key to creating a... (More)