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Since you're in Texas, I may be able to direct you to the information you need without a FOIA request. It depends on the level of detail you're wanting.

You don't need to name your town, but what information are... (More)

Can't Walk, Don't Care

I live in a small, rural historic district in Virginia that is at the intersection of two scenic by-ways. The residents have all but given up being able to walk the neighborhood due to the high volume of commuters -... (More)

I'm working on several Cycling and Active Transportation Plans right now - how are others incorporating a Post-COVID reality into these documents?

I work for a small nonprofit, and we are subcontractors on a number of different Cycling and Active Transportation Plans that have been in the works for a while now. A lot of what I do is bring the social... (More)

Jessica Cresanti-Daknis
Historic Preservationist, Designer, Sustainability

Hi Erik! I am in Seattle, too but in the downtown metro area. When I worked in Brooklyn, NY we used a strategy called contextual zoning in the historic districts. This shifted the focus of the neighborhood and diverted traffic... (More)