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Safe Streets Stories
Safe Streets Stories

Discover the good and bad of how cities and towns across the country create safe streets for its citizens. 

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The Cult of the Fantasy Pedestrian

If your goal is to promote public safety, design streets for the humans you have, not the perfectly obedient ones you wish you had.

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Complete Street? Check. Waste of Money? Check.

Engineers in Obetz have built a hamster wheel for walkers and cyclists.

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Road diet bridges a barrier, boosts safety

A breakthrough design on La Jolla Boulevard in San Diego cuts crashes by 90 percent and gives local business a big boost.

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The Battle of Stanley Street: How My Skeptical Town Approved a Road Diet

It’s one thing to talk about the benefits of calmer, narrower streets. It’s another thing to be on the front lines of convincing your community to accept a road diet. One Strong Towns member tells the story of how he picked this battle in his town… and won.

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