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The Strong Towns Book Club
The Strong Towns Book Club

Important note: We have paused new book club content for the foreseeable future as, due to the coronavirus, we shift our focus to virtual presentations. However, we encourage you to still use this page to discuss your favorite passages from the book, as you'd like. Thanks for your understanding and we look forward to resuming the usual content schedule later this year. 

Join the Strong Towns Book Club to discuss your favorite chapters from the Strong Towns book, Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity   

The Strong Towns staff—including author Charles L. Marohn, Jr.—will spend February 2020 prompting discussions and responding to questions about chapter three in the following section: However, we also encourage you to start your own discussions, as well! 

You'll also find activities, such as Ask the Author, to give you a deeper look into chapter three

Want to ask a question or start a discussion about a different chapter other than one or two? Fantastic! Click the corresponding chapter in the Subtopics menu to share it and, while you're there, check out the referenced materials and activities scheduled for the coming months. 

Thanks for joining the Strong Towns Book Club!

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I’m not an expert, but based on the experience I do have, I would say that if it’s assumed the success of failure is ultimately unpredictable, then one is basically taking too big of a risk.
There are tools and... (More)

Rodney RutherfordStrong Towns Member
Professional systems engineer. Community liveability evangelist. Armchair sustainability economist.

My next read? "Making Massive Small Change"

I picked up this book last year after stumbling upon it in the local library. I only made it about a quarter of the way through before I got distracted with other projects...but now, after reading the Strong Towns book,... (More)

First Floor of Home Transformed into a Restaurant, Apartment.

In the early 1980s, my landlord and his wife purchased the building above: a three-story house in one of Denton's core neighborhoods. As my landlord has described to me, throughout the following decades, his wife always dreamed aloud of opening... (More)

Hey Thomas, great to hear from you and thanks so much for joining the Strong Towns Book Club! Chapters one and two discuss the complexity of human habitats and how—through trial and error—our ancestors learned that the most resilient places... (More)