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Success Stories
Success Stories

Share your own success stories or get inspired from stories of other Strong Citizens implementing Strong Towns principles in their own communities. 

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Street Trees!

Our block in Cabbagetown, Atlanta has become an important North/South thoroughfare for cars. We're seeing more volume -- and more speeding cars -- at the same time as our neighborhood welcomes more pedestrians, including toddlers. And our sidewalk has almost... (More)

Success Stories

How Strong Towns Inspired a Local Food Movement

Strong Towns member Andy Diaz observed how his neighbors struggled to access healthy food in their neighborhood. So, inspired by Strong Towns, Andy decided to create a series of urban farms across the neighborhood. 

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Low-cost, Temporary Changes Make for a Safer and Friendlier Street in Provo, Utah

A year after a 15-year-old was killed crossing the street from a rec center in Provo, Utah, these #StrongCitizens got together to demonstrate how much safer (and more pleasant) Provo’s city’s streets could be if not designed for high speed... (More)

Low-Cost Pop-up Shops Create Big Value in Muskegon, Michigan

It's amazing what we can do when we think small.

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