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Success Stories
Success Stories

Share your own success stories or get inspired from stories of other Strong Citizens implementing Strong Towns principles in their own communities. 

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Grassroots Neighborhood Tree Committee

In my neighborhood (aptly named Oak Grove) there have been at least 10 large trees that have been taken down to stumps this year. I gather that it was mostly due to tree health. I am worried that these trees will be taken down, but none replanted. There are also a lot of old trees in this neighborhood that are nearing the end of their life. We are concerned that these large trees that provide canopy and shade in this neighborhood are being taken down but not replaced, and that a street that once was full of oak trees will... (More)

GIS Applications

Does anyone use GIS to analyze trends in economic and education status of residents to determine needs of career pathway programs? Also, to analyze demographics of those who own small businesses and its ability to survive during the pandemic? Lastly, how businesses play a role in partnering with cultural, economic,  and environmental sustainability projects.

I am wondering if qgis is useful or should I pay for the arcgis license.

Programs that encourage underrepresented groups to invest in their communities

My goal is to collaborate with policy and industry leaders to develop programs and incentives that will increase the opportunity for underrepresented residents to purchase properties, homes, or start businesses. Most importantly, market industry leaders to invest in community programs, such as cultural events, career mentor programs that will work with underrepresented talent, and career pathway programs for youth. 

Does any professionals have any stories on any successes that their cities accomplished in these types of programs? 

Success Stories

Strong Towns Helps Change the Planning Paradigm in Sacramento

Sacramento’s vice mayor gave Strong Towns founder Charles Marohn a shout-out in announcing the city’s new transit-oriented development rules. Our message is making a difference in the world.

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