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Success Stories
Success Stories

Share your own success stories or get inspired from stories of other Strong Citizens implementing Strong Towns principles in their own communities. 

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Street Trees!

A Resident Helps with the Planting

Our block in Cabbagetown, Atlanta has become an important North/South thoroughfare for cars. We're seeing more volume -- and more speeding cars -- at the same time as our neighborhood welcomes more pedestrians, including... (More)

Low-Cost Pop-up Shops Create Big Value in Muskegon, Michigan

It's amazing what we can do when we think small.

Read the article here:

Success Stories

LP tactical urban team working to give space back to the people.

Success Stories

How One Strong Towns Member is Helping His Seattle Suburb Rediscover "People-Oriented Places"

Cary Westerbeck—Strong Towns member and Founder of Bothellites for People-Oriented Places (Bo-POP)—shares how you can create people-oriented places in your own community, including how to educate people about people-oriented places, how these places create more financially resilient places, and how... (More)