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Tactical Urbanism
Tactical Urbanism

You don't have to be an engineer to create safer streets for your neighborhood. With tactical urbanism, all you need is a group of friends, a few items, and a big idea on how to make your streets safer. 

This page is dedicated to all conversations related to tactical urbanism. Consider starting with one on the following: 

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Street Trees!

Our block in Cabbagetown, Atlanta has become an important North/South thoroughfare for cars. We're seeing more volume -- and more speeding cars -- at the same time as our neighborhood welcomes more pedestrians, including toddlers. And our sidewalk has almost no routinely drive onto it as if it's part of the road. Inspired by Strong Towns, neighbors came together and lobbied Trees Atlanta to line our sidewalk with Trident Maples. The trees are young now, but will provide protection to pedestrians (along with beauty, shade and storm water absorption) for years to come. Thank you for activating us, Strong... (More)

Programs that encourage underrepresented groups to invest in their communities

My goal is to collaborate with policy and industry leaders to develop programs and incentives that will increase the opportunity for underrepresented residents to purchase properties, homes, or start businesses. Most importantly, market industry leaders to invest in community programs, such as cultural events, career mentor programs that will work with underrepresented talent, and career pathway programs for youth. 

Does any professionals have any stories on any successes that their cities accomplished in these types of programs? 

Would Your City Adopt a Parklet Program?

Exciting news out of Dallas, Texas: The City of Dallas recently announced that they will launch a temporary parklet program, allowing businesses to transform parking spaces into outdoor seating. As we wrote in our recent covid-response piece, Nine Things Local Governments Need to Do Right Now in Response to the Pandemic, low-lift interventions such as parklets encourage people to responsibly engage with their neighborhoods while supporting their local businesses.

For reference, here's a sketch of a proposed parklet in Bishop Arts, a neighborhood in Dallas.

I'd love to hear from you: If your city adopted a parklel program,... (More)

Chris PetersStrong Towns Member
Director: Downtown Stillwater Association

It’s finally happening. Parklets in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

It’s been amazing how this pandemic has accelerated Parklets as a solution for more useable space for social distancing. Business owners are slowly starting to get it. Our City rolled out an emergency order that allowed a temporary, super low cost process to convert on street parking to dining and walking space.

Our college town has become a hot spot of infections Thankfully hospitalizations are manageable. Bars have recently been ordered to 50% capacity so they have naturally become the first to implement crude Parklets with jersey barricads and privacy fencing.

I urged City Planning to bring community stakeholders early... (More)