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Tactical Urbanism
Tactical Urbanism

You don't have to be an engineer to create safer streets for your neighborhood. With tactical urbanism, all you need is a group of friends, a few items, and a big idea on how to make your streets safer. 

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Incremental Sidewalks

Read the interesting article by Daniel Herriges about sidewalks and I've been thinking about how to turn dirt walking paths into sidewalks incrementally. Has anyone moved through stages of incremental development with respect to pedestrian transportation?

I imagine it would... (More)

What US cities have adopted Tactical Urbanism Policy Guides?

Hey community. I may have the chance to chat with the Atlanta Commissioner of Transportation about the city crafting a tactical urbanism permit. If this happens, I want to be well-versed in what other cities have done. I have Burlington... (More)

Street Trees!

Our block in Cabbagetown, Atlanta has become an important North/South thoroughfare for cars. We're seeing more volume -- and more speeding cars -- at the same time as our neighborhood welcomes more pedestrians, including toddlers. And our sidewalk has almost... (More)

Would Your City Adopt a Parklet Program?

Exciting news out of Dallas, Texas: The City of Dallas recently announced that they will launch a temporary parklet program, allowing businesses to transform parking spaces into outdoor seating. As we wrote in our recent covid-response piece, Nine Things... (More)