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Tactical Urbanism
Tactical Urbanism

You don't have to be an engineer to create safer streets for your neighborhood. With tactical urbanism, all you need is a group of friends, a few items, and a big idea on how to make your streets safer. 

This page is dedicated to all conversations related to tactical urbanism. Consider starting with one on the following: 

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David G
Founder, Plan Together Community Map Platform

Discuss and Plan your Community on a Collaborative Map


I am long-time reader of Strong Towns, and I was suggested on Twitter to post here about my new tool.

I have recently finished the first version of Plan Together; a website which allows citizens to discuss and plan the future of their communities. Users are able to post items to a map, each tagged as a suggestion, news, criticism or praise. Other users can comment on these items; allowing ideas, understanding and unique viewpoints to surface. To better understand how this works, please visit the site.

Plan Together is my love letter to all those that... (More)

15 Minute City and Pandemic Recovery

Pop-up placemaking resource

For anyone who's working on building pop-up dining, seating areas, etc. during COVID, I just found this helpful resource:

Reimagined Places