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Tactical Urbanism Stories
Tactical Urbanism Stories

Discover how citizens across the country have used tactical urbanism to create safer streets in their own communities. 

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Guerrilla Gardening: How this Strong Towns Group Took an Incremental Approach to Creating a Park

Learn how Stronger Denton—a Denton-based, Strong Towns Local Conversation—took an incremental approach to invest in a park in downtown Denton.

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Low-cost, Temporary Changes Make for a Safer and Friendlier Street in Provo, Utah

A year after a 15-year-old was killed crossing the street from a rec center in Provo, Utah, these #StrongCitizens got together to demonstrate how much safer (and more pleasant) Provo’s city’s streets could be if not designed for high speed traffic. Find out how they did it.

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The Case for Community Gardens

The idea of a community garden isn’t a new one. Now, when modern life seems to be more stressful and uncertain than ever, community gardens could prove to be the salve that heals our hurting communities.

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