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Your city's zoning code determines where different types of developments such as housing or businesses can or cannot be built. Therefore, understanding how zoning works—and how it shapes your own cities—is essential to building a financially resilient city.

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Zoning Stories

5 Creative Strategies for Increasing Affordable Housing

Increasing affordable housing doesn't have to require millions in public dollars or fancy new construction.

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Here is a Google Maps version of my city, Ferndale, WA. Addresses are marked by different color markers based on their Property Tax $ per Acre calculation. Check it out!


A great Youtube video about zoning and it's negative impacts and the need for change!

How do we think the current crisis will impact zoning?

As I've been walking around my neighborhood seeing many shuttered businesses and half-finished construction projects which, sadly, may not have the finances reopen and continue once the shut-down is over, I've been thinking about whether this pandemic might lead us to loosen zoning regulations in the hopes of allowing whatever economic activity is possible in the future. So many smart people (ex: this article) have been saying that now is the time for creativity and innovation when it comes to getting our economy back up and running.

I'm not a planner so I don't have a lot of technical... (More)