Hi Chuck and Joe!

I'm wondering what y'all think about on-street parking or public parking lots/garages as a replacement for on-parcel private parking requirements? I've come to believe that all parking should be understood to be a public resource, not a private/amenity or requirement. As we know, private parking lots are over-built 99.99% of the time. Private parking lots almost always have empty spaces that can't (legally) be re-purposed for adjacent uses because they are on private property (one will often see a sign saying "This parking is for McDonald's customer's ONLY! Violators will be towed at owner expense!").

Making all new constructed parking public (whether on-street or on a public lot) would consolidate all parking for an area into either the street or onto one lot. This way the municipality can determine how much parking is appropriate for an area, rather than have developers build private parking and exclude the public from using their unused land. It seems like this would result in more productive land use overall because private developers could focus on maximizing the use of their land, while parking is dialed in to maximum efficiency by the municipality. Thoughts?