I am currently in the Bard MBA in Sustainability program, and next year we have a required capstone course. In the capstone, we either need to 1) create a business 2) do legitimate career building work/inroads 3) build your sustainability consulting portfolio 4) Create and complete a project that will lead to one of the other 3 items. 

I want to utilize the capstone course to launch myself into a business/career/vocation within localism, placemaking, sustainability (bottom-up, original green style), or related. I find the Strong Towns movement so incredibly compelling, and would love to be able to tie what I do directly into the movement. 

As I am newer to the Strong Town movement, and only spent 2.5 years in commercial credit analysis within a community bank, I feel that I am far from being on the front lines of what is happening. My thoughts are that a business that I create should advance the front lines. 


To all who have been in this world for much longer than me, what are some opportunities that immediately come to mind for this MBA capstone? 


Would love and invite any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or overall discussion. 


Thanks Strong Town Nation!
PJ Connolly