The INVEST Act receives high scores from T4America, but my use of the "find" tool to search for key language in the act's text didn't inspire confidence. But, I know legislation is like a rotten onion w references that layer deep. How is Strong Towns looking at this? 

Even Jeffrey Tumlin tweeted excitedly about fighting Level-of-Service. On July 1, 2020:

Structural racism in transport policy: Our primary decision-making metric, "Level of Service" says a person on board a 20-passenger bus is valued at 1/20th someone driving alone in a car. And a person walking is only valued insofar as they delay the person driving alone. (@jeffreytumlin) 

However, again, using the find tool revealed no mention of "Level of service" or "LOS" or even "congestion" that provided me the proof worthy of a pudding desert celebration.

I could use a federal transportation bill guru to unlock the code.